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AlHuda Academy online Quran tutors and mentors are licensed and experienced. In our organization, a Quran tutor with high qualifications is required. To teach our Muslim children and adults, our tutors have extensive knowledge of Tajweed and Urdu translation.

All of our tutors have passed all background checks and have degrees and certificates to prove their qualifications. Our teachers are fluent in several languages, including Urdu, English, Arabic, and Punjabi.

We understand how difficult it is for female students to find female Quran tutors for Urdu Quran translation. We have female mentors who take Quran classes for our female students in order to provide the best solution for this problem. As a result, female students are completely secure and satisfied.

To take Quran classes with us, the student must have a Skype ID. We have helpful mentors who can teach the Quran in Urdu word-for-word translation and Tafseer online via Skype.

The Quran translation course will provide an accurate translation, and you will be able to correctly translate the Quran. 

The Holy Quran translation

Our revised and accepted Urdu translation.

Each word in the Quran has a different meaning.

Every phrase has an Urdu translation to prevent confusion.

The students have flexibility with all of their tutors. At your home, we provide the best tutoring services from qualified teachers who will instruct you in the Urdu translation of the Quran with Tafseer.

So, what are you seeking at this time? Join us right away to study the Quran translation online with some of our top Quran tutors.

You can get in touch with us for more information about this course, including when and how to begin.

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